D. Papafloratos & co. has built apartment buildings and detached complexes in Kalamaria, Panorama and the eastern suburbs of Thessaloniki and has completed a significant number of projects for holiday homes in Siviri Chalkidiki. Having great market knowledge, responsibility and consistency in construction, the houses that D. Papafloratos & co. builds are distinguished for aesthetics in design, quality in constructing, functionality and durability.


  • Selection of suitable land.
  • Detailed design.

  • Full harmonization with the laws and building construction regulations.

Selection of materials with strict quality criteria

  • Selection of coworkers and materials on the basis of result and not cost.
  • Continuous updates on new materials and construction methods.

  • Guarantee for the quality of materials used with certificates available to the buyer.
  • Proper implementation of materials.
  • Strict supervision throughout the project.

Continuous effort to improve our services

  • Delivery - informing the buyer about the technical details and functions of the residence.
  • Photographs of all construction phases and detailed representation of the plumbing and electrical installations.
  • Support.

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